The links on this page take you to some useful web sites. Please email The Webmaster if you find other useful sites.
1.Choraline is a useful tool to help you learn your parts. You can install an app on your smartphone and download your part so that you can play it in the car while you are on the way to work or on your phone while you are doing the gardening even with no signal!
2.Chord Perfect Another excellent site to help with learning your part. There is a free version of this one.
The following are notes from Dick Sawle (Bass): Choraline (sic) is an app which you can download for free on your iPad etc. You then would need to download whatever you need to practice (eg Bach). The music typically costs around £10 a hit. Before you download any music make sure you have selected the part you wish to practice (i.e. SAT or B). Your part will be played by a particular instrument depending on whether you are SAT or B – e.g. an oboe or whatever, and that part will be slightly louder than the rest of the instruments, but not so loud as to drown the other parts out. It is quite good and I use it. I find the sound a bit quiet even on full volume and so use a speaker to make it louder. Customer service if you have any problems is excellent and they reply very quickly.The other very useful one mentioned is chord perfect. You can just click on the link (above) and visit the website The big benefit of this aid is that it is free to use. I find that the voice singing the part you have chosen is a bit loud and overbearing, but that might be just me and it may be there is a way around that that someone could suggest. I am not very familiar with it as I haven’t used it much.
3.The following links will take you to rehearsal aids for the Cantique de Jean Racine:
Thanks to Dick Sawle for finding these.
The following links will take you to recommended recordings of the three works we’re currently learning and might help with your practise.

Details of a Choral Workshop being run by Roger Langford on Saturday 2nd March.