Kington Choral Society

Young Student Musician Bursary

Kington Choral Society (KCS) awards an annual bursary of up to £500 to support up-and-coming  musicians aged between 18 and 30 in their musical studies.

We know that singing lessons can be expensive and that deciding whether to take music to a higher level takes time. You may be thinking of studying singing at music college or simply want an opportunity to develop your musicianship and explore your potential. If so, we can help.

The idea of our bursary is to contribute to expenses such as tuition fees, the purchase of music or travel to lessons and masterclasses while at the same time offering recipients the opportunity to immerse themselves in the choral repertoire under the professional guidance of KCS music director Robert Evans. Robert has himself had a successful freelance singing career with award-winning groups such as The Sixteen, The Cardinalls Musick and The Gabrieli Consort.

Recipients will need to become full members of the choir, attending Monday-evening rehearsals  and making an active contribution to the rehearsal process as well as taking part in the choir's concerts (usually two a year). Where appropriate, they may also be invited to take on occasional solo roles. Awards normally run from the beginning of an academic year but may commence at any time.

If you are a young musician and interested in applying for a bursary, or know of anyone who would benefit from receiving a KCS Young Student Musician Bursary, then please get in touch by emailing Sarah Crowley on

The KCS Young Student Musician Bursary was set up following a generous donation from an anonymous donor

Deadline for applications is June 30, 2019

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