Kington Choral Society

Our Musical Director

Since the reforming of Kington Choral Society there have been three Music Directors: In 1996, after a few years in the wilderness, the choir was reformed under Charles Allsopp as Kington and District Choral Society, although the only record of a performance that we have is of a mixed programme for Christmas on December 7th 1998.

By 1999 the Music Director was Maureen Twiddy, and the choir’s title had changed to Kington Choral Society. The first concert was held in the summer featuring Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast, and the choir was accompanied by the Winforton Wind quartet. Over a period of more than ten years the choir went from strength to strength as the numbers grew from 35 to as many as 80 in 2003. Throughout her time, the choir stabilised in number and became far more confident, performing in at least two concerts a year, and Come and Sing events were held as well. Maureen Twiddy retired from the post in 2010, after a substantial contribution to the success of the choir.

In November 2010, Roger Langford took over as Music Director, having sung the bass solo with the choir in the last concert conducted by Maureen, a mix of Michael and Joseph Haydn. Roger brought a new perspective on singing and performing into the choir – rehearsals were never dull or lacking in challenge and members of the choir were stretched in every way (including in the warm up!). Concerts and Workshops continued throughout the five years with Roger, and the introduction of small orchestra accompaniment with Handel’s Messiah in 2013 and Bach’s Christmas Oratorio in 2014 opened the eyes of the choir to the increased enjoyment and enhancement of the presence of multiple musicians.

Very sadly Roger resigned in 2016, and we worked very successfully with our Guest Conductor, James Davies, to perform our May Concert of Karl Jenkins’ The Armed Man / Rutter Requiem.

Since September 2016 our choir has been working happily with the energetic and enthusiastic Robert Evans, who has brought us a bright future as we explore the broad spectrum of choral music.